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Land Rights


Land Rights

Since creation of Pakistan schedule caste deprived from the rights of land. The Hindus in southern Punjab currently living in slum houses which is in the ownership of government or landlord of that area. Hare Rama Foundation (HRF) started campaign on the land rights issues in 2008. HRF conducts several survey’s on land ownerships and found almost 95% of Hindu community is living in slum areas with no land rights. HRF start campaign on residential land rights and start lobbing and advocacy for residential land rights of under privileged community of Punjab during this period we organized several consultations, Seminars ,press conference and rallies for sensitized media and civil society on residential land rights.

 HRF conducted seminars, press conferences, meetings and protests. In December 16, 2013, Hindus from Punjab staged a protest in the front of Punjab Assembly  demanding ownership rights. Chief Minister Punjab at that time announced to allot land to 426,000 families living in Katchi Abadis, but schedule castes were again left in the stagger.

 Schedule castes have not obtained residential rights or any certificate claiming land rights. HRF is struggling continuously for land rights through many means as discussed above. We hope that soon our efforts will prove fruitful and we will be successful in obtaining land rights for underprivileged community.