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A group of social Sector friends were sitting together and discussing the overall humanitarian issues in the society, like poverty, natural disasters, violence against women, minorities issues and Scheduled Caste (Dalit) issues, Conflicts, land rights and situation of peace and interfaith harmony, health, education, infrastructure and a number of other issues related to the social fabric. Many new ideas emerged as a result of the fruitful discussions about the solutions of problems associated with common man I our society in general and particularly rural section. There ought to be some sustainable development initiative as part of the future plan of the friends to help resolve the social problems and facilitate the initiatives in enhancing quality of life. These sustainable development discussions have become formally institutionalized as HRF.
The HRF aims ‘to become self-sustaining, resourceful, disciplined and specialized training and support institution and an opportunity for the under privileged with a view to build capacities of community organizations.